So you’ve met someone…

Sometimes all the world seems to collide in the eyes of one person. Sometimes that person is your soul mate, and everything seems to fit together. But sometimes you have not met you soul mate, but your twin flame. So what is a twin flame?

Between the soul mate relationship there is correspondence of energy, like the Yin Yang, but when you have met your twin flame, you have met yourself. Your twin flame is not your corresponding soul, but your identical soul.

Many twin flame relationships start out amazing, with fireworks, and memories, and laughter. But soon those good times give way to some very bad times, yet you seem locked together. Because of your shared soul energy, your twin flame can bring out some of your best qualities, but can also make you face the lifetime of hurt, resentment, and negative experiences that you have yet to reconcile. It is similar to standing in front of a mirror for too long. At first you admire yourself, but slowly your own insecurities and negative emotions begin to crowd your mind until you’re downcast and disappointed.

In this way, your relationship with your twin flame can be very volatile. Many twin flames find it impossible to build a productive relationship together, but also find it impossible to be apart. You have to approach this connection differently than any other relationship you’ve had before. Your twin flame is the mirror of your Soul. They are reflecting not only all the amazing parts about you but all the things you still need to work through in order to love yourself. For it is when we learn to truly love ourselves is when that will be reflected back to us by our twin flame. 

But there is good news! Through the expertise and experience that I have cultivated over the last ten years, I can guide you through the healing process which leads to the alignment of your soul, and the transformation of your life.