My Twin Flame Story


It all started when…

I moved back to my hometown Sacramento, CA in 2014 after 8 years in the Big Apple. A heartbreak (from a wonderful soulmate relationship) and the long, cold east coast winters drove me back to the sunshine. A psychic intuitive who I had worked with for many years in the city planted this little seed in my ear too - “Your soulmate has called you home.”

Sure enough, shortly after re-establishing my roots back on the west side, I met my twin flame. I did not know about “twin flames” at the time but my, oh my, did we see shooting stars to the moon upon meeting each other, “soul recognition” as they call it. Unfortunately, that period of pure bliss didn’t last too long. A couple of months in, we started to trigger the hell out of each other until we separated.

Needless to say, I was completely devastated as many of us experience when our twin physically flees the scene. (Twin flames are always connected in divine truth, however). I began to unravel in utter confusion as to why my twin denied the magnitude of our connection, because it was UNDENIABLE to me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake it (and still can’t)! So I lost it and went through a Dark Night of the Soul. The pain of “separation” was unbearable. I temporarily reverted back to the old destructive lifestyle ways of excessive drinking and casual sex to numb my feelings. And I dumped tons of money into psychic readings trying to make sense of it all. I felt like I was taking crazy pills!

Along the way, I learned that we were twin flames (thanks to a few of those gifted readers), sharpened my own intuitive skills and studied the phenomenon. Turns out, “twin flame” ain’t your average soulmate. The twin flame dynamic is much more than a romance novel. The purpose of this sacred connection is to assist the Ascension. As we reflect and provoke all the pain up and out of each other, we heal and return to our wholeness by the means of unconditional love. It’s about self-love and accepting our twin no matter what. Twin flames have received this huge Gift from God to dissolve ego, to stop buying into the illusion of separation and to release lifetimes of hurt, resentment, blame, anger, jealousy, shame, fear of intimacy, fear of loss, fear of abandonment, etc., so we can consciously rewrite the story of true love.

The twin flame journey is not for the faint of heart. There are so many twists, turns, ups and downs on this intense ride. Trust me, I have tried with all my might to get off! But my twin flame remains my ultimate muse. So I’ve gathered the courage deep within me to stay, to surrender to this Gift and actually enjoy the adventure. I’m grateful for the guidance and tools I’ve received from several amazing teachers, as well as my own Spirit Guides, who help me to consciously make the best choices for my (our) soul and become a powerful magnet of love.

The best gift I’ve received from my path is the inspiration to share this journey with you! I believe that each journey is unique. I work one-on-one with you to help you heal past hurts, find acceptance on the current stage of your path and to raise the love frequency between you and your twin flame.